Let's Blur The Boundaries: Learn What You Can Do In HUBLIX

iOS & Android Release
Releasing on mobile platforms: HUBLIX on iOS and Android. Presenting a new form of communication in the virtual world. Users create their unique 3D avatars using the built-in customization editor. With the help of the built-in sandbox, users have the opportunity to furnish their home to their liking and invite friends to hang out.

PC & Mac Release
Releasing on desktop platforms: PC and Mac.
Users get familiar tools for business communication — screen sharing, drawing boards, etc. Users hold conferences or concerts for 1000 or more people. Users can watch videos together.

UGC Tools
Implementing a more advanced editor for content creators, more possibilities to create different hubs (worlds).
Adding additional, more powerful options for managing your avatar.

NFT & Blockchain
Implementing blockchain technologies and NFT.
More advanced money making opportunities.
Exchange and trade of items, platforms for businesses and brands — in the future in HUBLIX you will see real brand stores, or you can create a store yourself, or even provide services.